A Catalyst for Mining Innovation

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A one-stop shop for mineral resources issues.

The minerals industry faces increasing pressure to supply responsibly sourced minerals while managing key risks such as safety, geotechnical failures, environment, social license, and use of energy and water. At the same time, companies across the mineral lifecycle are experiencing critical workforce and expertise shortages. Only one university fully integrates the breadth of academic disciplines and organizations needed to provide innovative solutions to today’s risks, and to prepare the next generation of diverse professionals for tomorrow’s challenges: The University of Arizona (UA). The UA Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources leads this collaboration, bringing together the best the UA and industry have to offer.

We deliver innovation solutions to manage real industry risks

By integrating the brainpower of UA students and faculty from all disciplines in partnership with industry experts, the UA Lowell Institute has unparalleled potential to tackle today’s challenges, and to propel the industry forward with innovations in safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Our collaborative approach attracts more talent to the industry and produces work-ready professionals

Through our collaborations, we educate more people on the importance of mineral resources and attract the brightest minds to the industry from disciplines as diverse as legal and medical — even anthropology. Our multidisciplinary education programs turn diverse talent into a steady stream of well-rounded, mining-ready and mining-knowledgeable professionals.

We are a one-stop shop for mineral resources issues.

From exploration to reclamation; across industries, government, academia and civil society. If it involves mineral resources, we provide the analysis and broker solutions.