Success Stories

A group of students on a geological field trip

Finding and Producing More Minerals

Working closely with industry partners and the Arizona and US Geological Surveys, our research has deepened understanding of the origin, character, and distribution of mineral resources. Our concepts are utilized by companies worldwide.

Virtual Reality Gaming for Safety Training

Working with the Colleges of Public Health, Optical Sciences, and Engineering, we created “Serious Games” customizable, reality-based training and evaluation software, which allows workers in industrial environments to improve time-to-competency and safety behavior using gaming.

Commercialization of New Technology

Collaboration with Tech Launch Arizona accelerates innovation from research to commercialization. Recent mining innovations have found commercial success through TLA. To date, our research has resulted in 12 startups, including Acrete environmentally friendly concrete substitute made from fly ash (photo) and Desert Saber virtual reality safety training software.

The First Mining Law Center in North America

Recognizing the need for legal expertise in the mining industry, and mining expertise in the legal profession, we worked with the College of Law to establish the Global Mining Law Program, covering diverse legal issues such as international trade, indigenous peoples, and the environment.

Industry-UA Cooperative for Smart, Effective Environmental Technologies

Working collectively with three mining companies, the Center for Environmentally Sustainable Mining (CESM) is conducting research to identify below-ground indicators of ecosystem regeneration to be used by the mining industry and regulators as predictive tools of revegetation progress, and as metrics for evaluating the suitability of potential capping materials.

Low Cost Technology Conserves Scarce Water Resources

Our research shows that with simple and inexpensive treatments, municipal effluent can be used in froth flotation.

What will we tackle next?

With strong stakeholder support and engagement, we’ll continue to confront issues that matter most  to our stakeholders, and where our expertise can have  the greatest impact on a sustainable future for people and mineral resources.