Video Series: How Minerals made Civilization

Jan. 24, 2022

We are excited to announce a new series of videos „How Minerals Made Civilization“. Join UArizona Assistant Professor Isabel Barton as she travels back in time to ancient societies in the Africa, Europe, America, and Asia to explore the surprising ways in which mineral resources shaped the course of history. In 10- to 15-minutes educational and entertaining narrations, Barton illuminates the roles of copper, gold, silver, bronze, iron, steel, coal, and other mineral resources in former centuries.

Non-renewable resource use through time has long been a special field of interest for Barton, so much so that she started to teach a general-education class on the topic. Barton: “Mineral resources don’t get much attention from historians, but they’re really the material basis of civilizations. Around the world, it’s tools and technologies made from minerals that have shaped the course of history for any given society.” The video series kicks off with gold and its role in Egypt, followed by expeditions to the Aztec Empire, the Middle East, Central Asia, Rome, Central Europe and more, with a new video being released every two weeks.

Find the playlist “How Minerals Made Civilization” on the YouTube channel of the School of Mining and Mineral Resources.