Brad Ross, Ph.D., PE

Co-Director, Geotechnical Center of Excellence

Professor of Practice, Mining Engineering

Brad Ross is a Registered Professional Mining Engineer and PhD with more than 40 years of experience in the mining industry.  This experience has included a variety of positions ranging from Technical Services Manager, Operations Engineer, Financial Controller, to Asset Manager and Training Manager.  His last position in industry was to manage the technical teams at the Bingham Canyon Mine before and after the massive Manefay landslide in 2013.  He is currently a Professor of Practice in the Mining and Geological Engineering Department at the University of Arizona where he facilitates multi-disciplinary research and academics that relate to the mining industry.

Dr. Ross has also written a book titled Rise to the Occasion – Lessons from the Bingham Canyon Manefay Slide which is based on his experience of managing the planning and preparation for and recovery from the largest highwall failure in mining history.  He has also written a popular series of articles in LinkedIn to share these learnings with a worldwide audience.