Only one university fully integrates the breadth of academic disciplines and organizations needed to provide innovative solutions to today’s minerals industry risks, and to prepare the next generation of diverse professionals for tomorrow’s challenges: The University of Arizona.

Our Mission

To advance responsible mining and use of minerals by catalyzing resources across The University of Arizona and our global network to: educate stakeholders on the importance of mineral resources and innovations in modern mining; attract the brightest minds from diverse disciplines to apply their talent to mineral resources challenges; develop the next generation workforce; and provide timely, integrated solutions to address real industry challenges.


To provide the framework for responsible mineral resource availability required to sustain generations to come.

J David Lowell

The Institute for Mineral Resources owes its creation to generous endowments from J. David Lowell. Lowell received a BS degree in mining engineering from the University of Arizona in 1949 and a MS in geology from Stanford University in 1957. He also obtained a Professional Engineer degree from the University of Arizona in 1959 and honorary degrees from Universidad Nacional de San Marcos in Peru in 1998 and the University of Arizona in 2000.