To advance responsible mining and use of minerals by catalyzing resources across The University of Arizona and our global network to: educate stakeholders on the importance of mineral resources and innovations in modern mining; attract the brightest minds from diverse disciplines to apply their talent to mineral resources challenges; develop the next generation workforce; and provide timely, integrated solutions to address real industry challenges.

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San Xavier Mining Laboratory extension

Low-angle view of mine hoist at San Xavier mine with sunburst

The Henry G. “Hank” Grundstedt San Xavier Mining Laboratory, jointly run by the Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources and Department of Mining and Geologic Engineering, is the only such lab in the United States with a working vertical shaft. An extension project that gets underway in summer 2020 will add research, teaching and training opportunities. It includes installation of sophisticated sensor systems and the start of a decline to the lower levels of the mine.

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Resources knowledge for all students

Forehead Ornament with Feline Head and Octopus Tentacles, 100-800 A.D., Peru

Since spring 2020, the University of Arizona offers one of the first mining engineering courses to the general student body. Nonrenewable Resources and Human Civilizations teaches how earth resources are woven into the fabric of civilization and dispels some common misconceptions. It follows the rise of civilization from the Stone Age all the way to seafloor and asteroid mining of the future with a mix of science and engineering, fused with history and economics.

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Global Mining Law course

John Lacy and Desmond Kearns in a TV studio

Getting community buy-in, especially from indigenous people, is of growing importance in global mineral development. Communicating honestly and finding lawful solutions to cultural concerns in an international context is important when developing and maintaining a mining project. An online course in the University of Arizona’s Global Mining Law program will provide an overview of international law relating to indigenous people and community rights.

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