To advance responsible mining and use of minerals by catalyzing resources across The University of Arizona and our global network to: educate stakeholders on the importance of mineral resources and innovations in modern mining; attract the brightest minds from diverse disciplines to apply their talent to mineral resources challenges; develop the next generation workforce; and provide timely, integrated solutions to address real industry challenges.

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Green Energy and Responsible Mining Panel

Mining Law Summit 2020

Mining companies must effectively address community needs as they develop the minerals required by the modern world. At the Mining Law Summit 2020, the panel on “Responsible Mining and the Green Energy Transition” discussed miners' responsibilities.

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Mapping leach pads and scanning highwalls from a distance

Researchers in the field looking up at a drone

When it comes to mapping minerals at a mine, deploying remote hyperspectral sensors that read the spectral signatures of minerals is a safer, more cost-effective process than sending people out to chart exposed surfaces and gather mineral samples for testing.

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Students Gain Real-World Experience On Radar Systems

Mine site with ArcSar setup

The Geotechnical Center of Excellence recently completed research combining two types of synthetic aperture radar that can contribute to effective monitoring of mining sites. Results will be used as a case study for mine engineering students and professionals.

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