To advance responsible mining and use of minerals by catalyzing resources across The University of Arizona and our global network to: educate stakeholders on the importance of mineral resources and innovations in modern mining; attract the brightest minds from diverse disciplines to apply their talent to mineral resources challenges; develop the next generation workforce; and provide timely, integrated solutions to address real industry challenges.

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Collaborative tailings center ready to tackle safety


The Tailings Center was formed as a collaboration among UArizona, Colorado State University and Colorado School of Mines. Its first activities, a number of short courses for industry professionals and students, have been launched in March.

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Analyzing Dust in a University/Industry Cooperation

Armin Sorooshian

Dust isn’t just dirt kicked up in the air. Identifying what’s in dust emissions from mining operations is part of proposed research in an industry-academic cooperative by the Center for Environmentally Sustainable Mining.

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Students trace the life of uranium, vanadium

Two students taking rock samples

Two University of Arizona students recently gained uncommon access to Energy Fuels facilities to separately trace the life of a uranium-vanadium deposit—how it got there and how can it be extracted.

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