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Discover the minerals and mines of Arizona from the comfort of your couch!

Active Copper Mines in Arizona

A satellite photo of the state of Arizona with an overlay showing the state boundaries and the location of Active copper mines marked with icons.

In 2020, 9 active copper mines here in Arizona produced 74% of all the copper mined in the United States. That was 888,000 metric tons of copper (over 1.9 billion pounds!) valued at over $5.5 billion. Check out this virtual tour to see where these mines are, what they look like, and you can learn a little about each one as well.                     

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Arizona State Mineral Tour

On the left is a satellite photo of the state of Arizona with the locations of six mines marked. In the upper right is a square, yellow wulfenite crystal on a black mineral. In the lower right is a rectangular, carmine red wulfenite crystal.

In 2017 the Arizona legislature made wulfenite the state mineral of Arizona. Check out this tour to see some of the famous wulfenite mines, also known as "localities" in the mineral collecting world. Discover a little history of each mine and see beautiful photos of stunning wulfenite specimens that can only be found in Arizona.                                 

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Grand Canyon Minerals Tour

The Colorado river flows between two red walls of the Grand Canyon. It is late in the day and light is illuminating one wall.

The history of mining in the Grand Canyon is long and varied. From small copper mines operated by one person and a mule, to very rich uranium mines selling ore directly to the Federal Government. Join us for a tour through the mines of the Grand Canyon and discover the minerals found there, including one that is special to the Canyon. 

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