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Who: K-7th grade
Where: Online content you can share with your students and classrooms!
Length: 3 minutes each

In this era of online interconnectedness, we are developing educational content to reach more educators and students! Our series “Minerals Make it,” intended for K-7th grade students, explores the minerals that make up everyday items: copper, gold, salt, graphite... Find and share our videos on our YouTube channel.

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Who: K-12th grade
Where: Online content you can share with your students and classrooms!
Length: 3-10 minutes each

What does a Mining Engineer do? What do you love about your job? What advice do you have for high school students? The 'Ask A Pro' career-exploration video series gives you a chance to explore your interests and career options by connecting with industry professionals. Through these short interview videos students can hear professionals' real world experiences!

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Virtual Info Sessions

University of Arizona Mining Engineering Virtual Info Sessions

Who: Prospective high school & community college students
Where: Online platform via Zoom or phone call
Length: 30mins - 1hr

Can’t make it to Tucson for an in-person visit? Virtual info sessions offer prospective students interested in a degree from the University of Arizona in one of our focus areas such as Mining & Geological Engineering or Economic Geology a chance to learn more about the exciting opportunities in the world of mineral resources. Get your questions answered about the school, programs, careers, or life in at the University of Arizona! Meet and talk with our recruiter by scheduling an appointment!

To complement your session, watch our short “UArizona Mining Engineering” videos for more insight into the mining engineering journey.

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Five presenters at the University in Tucson looking at the webcam

Who: High school, community college and international student groups
Where: Online platform via Zoom
Length: ~1hr

We offer an opportunity for groups to learn more about the University of Arizona’s Mineral resource degrees through webinars specially curated for groups. These live online webinars are a great way for students to connect virtually and ask any questions. We can accommodate for any type of group including hosting webinars in Spanish for Latin American groups. Topics include the degrees offered, student experience, program requirements and more depending on the groups needs. Request a Webinar by emailing:

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Classroom Presentations

Presenting to high school students about UArizona degrees.

Who: grades 5-12; college
Where: In-person or available in virtual format!
Length: 30 min. – 1 hr. program

Presentations available for classes, clubs and groups interested in gaining a deeper understanding of mining and mineral resources. Presentations are aligned with Arizona state science standards and hands-on activities and/or demonstrations are available for most in-person topics. Topics and suggested audiences:

  • Careers & Academic Opportunities in Mining (any level)
  • Minerals–properties and uses (5th– 9th grade science courses)
  • Design a Mine (9th–12th grade science & engineering courses)
  • Chemistry & Mining (High school or college science courses)
  • Environmental Science & Mining (High school or college science courses)

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STEAM, College, and Career Fairs

Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources Recruiter at a Fair

For: grades 7-12; college
Where: we come to you
Length: variable

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math fairs and other events can be a great setting to make 7th – 12th graders and college-level students familiar with mineral resources topics. In additon, we also participate in College, Career & Transfer Fairs promoting  mineral resources careers and degrees!

Together with our partner organizations, we can contribute to your event throughout the state of Arizona with an exhibition table/booth and our outreach coordinators. Hands-on activities and table demonstrations help attendees explore the science and engineering of mining through experiential learning.

Please contact us to tell us about your upcoming event: 

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Classroom Workshops

Four fourth grade students planting plastic reeds next to a simulated river in a sand table.

Who: grades 5-12; college
Where: We come to you
Length: varies 

We offer engaging hands-on or experiential learning workshops that are fun and educative for students and compliment Arizona educational curriculum. These unique workshops allow students to gain a better understanding of the role of minerals in their lives though demonstrations, guided lab activities and team exercises.

For instance, students may learn about chemistry by students to creating copper metal using simple materials or learn about mining engineering through a collaborative kinetic sand activity where they collect data and and design a mine. To see a list of the workshops click below: 

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Department Tours

A professor in mine safety gear stands pointing at a mine diagram on a screen while three high school students watch during a University of Arizona Mining Engineering Tour

Who: Groups or individual prospective students
Where:  Online or UArizona Mines and Metallurgy Building
Length:  ~30 mins – 1hr

High school & community college groups as well as prospective students & their families are encouraged to visit the Mining & Geological Engineering Department. We offer opportunities to tour facilities and department, attend an information session or meet with a faculty member. We make every effort to accommodate all requests for department visits year-round and visitors have the option to sign up for University or College of Engineering tours as well.

Please note: Department tours for the Fall 2020 will be scheduled following university re-entry safety protocols. 

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San Xavier Mining Laboratory Tours

Students in the San Xavier Underground Mine

Who: all age groups
Where: Sahuarita, Arizona
Length: ~2 hours

Did you know that the University of Arizona owns and operates an underground mine in Sahuarita, the San Xavier Mining Laboratory? Mine tours are available for upper-level high school and college groups interested in mining and rock-stabilization methods and geology. Group sizes underground are limited to 15, however split programs can accommodate larger groups and may include lectures or surface activities provided by UArizona students, staff or faculty. Tours are free, but availability is limited.

Please note: as at July 2020, mine tours are suspended until further notice due to pandemic regulations.

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Mineral Resource Discovery Workshops

Three high school students look at copper ore samples in a laboratory

Who: grades 5-12
Where: Flandrau Science Center, Tucson
Length: 2 hours

This program gives students hands-on experience with the science and engineering of today's mining industry. Students are encouraged to connect chemistry and earth science concepts learned in the classroom to their applications in an industry that touches all of our lives. Stations include
1. How mineral deposits form
2. Exploration geology
3. Mine engineering and planning
4. Mineral processing chemistry
5. Environmental effects and monitoring.

Please note: as at July 2020, Flandrau is closed until further notice, working towards a safe reopening

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If you or your organization would like to collaborate on an outreach event, feel free to reach out to us!

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UA Campus Engagement

If you are interested in getting a degree related to mining at the University of Arizona, consider one of the programs in the Mining and Geological Engineering or Geosciences departments.

Graduate and undergraduate students of any major should consider joining the UA Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME) student chapter to have exclusive access to scholarships, networking opportunities and career opportunities within the mining industry.

Mining and Geological Engineering  Geosciences  UA SME Chapter

Education Outreach Program

Four fourth grade students planting plastic reeds next to a simulated river in a sand table.

Our Mineral Resource education outreach program, which is funded by the Mining Foundation of the Southwest provides southern Arizona school students with opportunities to learn the importance of mineral resources to their everyday lives, that those mineral resources are obtained by mining, and the efforts to make mining more modern, safe, and sustainable.

The program annually reaches 10,000 students from grades 5 to 12 via classroom presentations, school-associated and community-group associated Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) fairs, a presence at mining-industry adjacent events, online video outreach content and the Mineral Resource Discovery Workshop on campus.

Each presentation and active learning exercise is tailored to a specific audience and topic and aligned with Arizona state science standards. If you are interested in a presentation on mineral resources or mining for your school or organization, please contact Chris Earnest at


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Recruitment Outreach Program

Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources Recruitment Funnel

Our Recruitment Outreach Program is designed to find and attract highly motivated students to the University of Arizona’s mineral resource degrees including Mining Engineering. It connects high school, community college and university educators and students with information, resources, and opportunities in higher education. The program supports students in the degree exploration process as they advance from awareness to ultimately advocacy—empowering them to choose a degree which they are passionate about.

The program headed by Recruitment Outreach Coordinator Mario Muñoz reaches in-state, out-of-state, and international students through a variety of platforms and events including classroom presentations, webinars, social media, department and mine tours, college, career & STEAM fairs, and other outreach events.

If you are interested in setting-up a presentation/tour/event with your organization or in collaborating with our recruiter, please contact Mario at

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