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At the Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources we believe that everyone should know how we use minerals in our lives, where minerals come from, and what modern mining really is. Our K-12 outreach program regularly reaches 10,000 students across Arizona every year, and has been recognized by The National Mining Hall of Fame (Prazen Living Legend of Mining Award: Pam Wilkinson, 2014) and the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (Ivan B. Rahn Education Award:  Pam Wilkinson, 2016).

Each presentation and active learning exercise is tailored to a specific audience and topic. If you are interested in a presentation on mineral resources or mining for your school or organization, please contact Chris Earnest at earnest@email.arizona.edu.

This program is generously supported by the Mining Foundation of the Southwest.

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Our Education-Outreach program provides resources and programming for K-12 and college-level groups. Click here to learn about opportunities for your group.

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Minerals and Society

If you can read this message, then you depend on minerals. Did you know that a hybrid vehicle contains two times more copper than a conventional car? As we adopt new technologies and goods in our society, one thing that will never change is our reliance on mining.

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Mining in Arizona

Mining played an enormous role in Arizona’s past and it plays an even bigger role today. Arizona is consistently one of the top two most important mineral producing states each year. Arizona mines are at the forefront of technology and sustainability in mining.

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Resources for Students and Educators

Our mineral resource educators are available throughout the year to speak in your Arizona classroom. We provide engaging lectures and hands-on activities to teach students how minerals get out of the ground and into your cellphone. Our lectures and hands-on activities are targeted to each specific audience and encourage students to think like scientists and engineers.

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UA Campus Engagement

If you are interested in getting a degree related to mining at the University of Arizona, consider one of the programs in the Mining and Geological Engineering or Geosciences departments.

Graduate and undergraduate students of any major should consider joining the UA Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration (SME) student chapter to have exclusive access to scholarships, networking opportunities and career opportunities within the mining industry.

Mining and Geological Engineering  Geosciences  UA SME Chapter

Next Generation

Despite high unemployment in the U.S., many skilled jobs in the mining sector remain unfilled. The situation is similarly serious for engineers and scientists needed for the minerals sector. Perhaps the most overlooked industry workforce need is new university faculty to train the next generation of engineers and scientists for the future of the mining industry.

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College and Career Planning

Mining involves much more than just digging minerals out of the ground! In order to effectively plan and run a mine, companies must work with experts in many different fields including health, science, engineering and environment. Learn more about just a few of the technical paths you can pursue for a career in the mining industry. 

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Indigenous Training Modules

The University of Arizona (UA) Superfund Research Program is developing educational modules for tribal colleges focusing on mining and its environmental and social impacts on tribal lands. The modules have been designed to incorporate tribal case studies as well as examples of how these social and environmental impacts can be mitigated.

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