Julia Potter

Co-Director, Geotechnical Center of Excellence
Julia Potter Headshot.

Mines and Metallurgy building

A welcome by Brad Ross, the Co-Director, Geotechnical Center of Excellence & Interim Director, School of Mining and Mineral Resources

Tucson, June 2022

Please welcome Julia Potter as the new Co-Director of the Geotechnical Center of Excellence (GCE) at the University of Arizona! Julia is a terrific addition to the GCE team because of her extensive experience, leadership abilities, and enthusiasm.

Julia has extensive experience with over 11 years working as a geotechnical consultant for Call and Nicholas on a wide variety of projects in locations around the world. She brings a terrific set of skills that include modeling and design work for both open pit slopes and underground mines and has a proven record of meeting targets and accomplishing goals.

Leadership is also one of Julia’s greatest attributes. Not only has she lead work on several projects, she has been a great role model and mentor for new engineers where she freely shares her knowledge and experience. She has also demonstrated great leadership as President of Women in Mining Arizona where she was critical in increasing membership and sponsorship – even during the pandemic. Because of this success, she was elected Vice President of Women in Mining USA in April of this year.

Probably Julia’s greatest asset to the GCE (and the industry as a whole) is her enthusiasm to solve difficult geotechnical problems with teamwork, innovation, and vision. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Julia as the GCE moves forward with new mining geotechnical courses and research.

Brad Ross, PhD, PE