Health and Safety

Fourth Industrial Revolution advances like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation of mining and minerals processing presents unprecedented opportunities to improve the health and safety of miners.  The rapid state of change is also creating unique challenges to achieving “zero harm”.  Significant gaps related to miner physical and psychological health, fatality prevention, and technology-related risk mitigation remain.

The Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources Health and Safety team works with mining organizations throughout the world, aiding our partners through research collaborations, technical problem solving, and optimizing safety-focused training and leadership development - achieving health and safety improvements through data-driven tools for students, organizations, and professional miners.

Output from our research is leading to industry improvements.  We are translating our research in training and leadership effectiveness to enhance the safety maturity of organizations; advancing capabilities of low-cost wearable sensors to monitor heat strain, fatigue, chemical exposures, and more complex metrics like psychological health to improve miner fitness-for-duty; applying novel predictive analytics, where existing site-wide operational, maintenance, and performance data is used to model risk in real-time for the prevention of personnel, equipment, or environmental incidents; and adapting systems like ventilation-on-demand to protect miners in extreme underground environments, track their location, and expand system capabilities to centrally-direct self-escape during an emergency.  

Our goal is to help the mining industry by offering relevant, impactful education and training, developing useful and sustainable solutions to health and safety challenges, and providing solutions to help operators achieve zero fatalities and zero harm.