Virtual Tour of Active Arizona Copper Mines

Take a journey around Arizona to discover our active copper mines

Virtual tour of the active (2019) copper mines in Arizona.

Virtual Tour of Active Copper Mines in Arizona

What: Virtual tour of the active (2019) copper mines in Arizona.

Virtual Tour Length: 5 to 15 minutes.

Tour of Arizona's Copper Mines

In 2020 these 9 active copper mines here in Arizona produced 74% of all the copper mined in the United States. That was 888,000 metric tons of copper (over 1.9 billion pounds!) valued at over $5.5 billion. This tour will guide you state to see where these mines are, what they look like, and you can learn a little about each one as well.

How to Use this Tour:

The virtual tour of active copper mines in Arizona uses Google Earth Web and is most easily viewed with the free Google Earth app for smart devices or via the most recent version of the Chrome web browser. Once the tour loads you will be taken to the tour start page. When you have read a little about copper mining in Arizona, scroll down and press the blue "Start Tour" button to begin. Each stop on the tour will include some pictures and a short description of the mine on the right, and a Google Earth window on the left where you can explore the mine using Google Earth navigation. When you are ready to move on, just click the "next mine" button found at the bottom of the mine description.

Let's Go Exploring!