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The School of Mining & Mineral Resources is dedicated to advancing the industry by educating and training all types of mining professionals, from engineers and geologists to data scientists, health and safety specialists and more. As such, we are committed not only to attracting and preparing future generations for careers in mining but also to cross-training, upskilling and reskilling the current mining workforce. We offer programming on the latest advances in mining and mineral resources and are constantly adding new courses that are as enjoyable as they are insightful.

We understand the needs of mining professionals and organizations vary widely, and so we offer numerous ways for workers to gain knowledge and advance their careers through short courses, field study and certificate programs. We even partner with companies to provide professional development courses and certificates that address immediate business and workforce needs.



Structural Geology for Geotechnical Professionals

NEW COURSE beginning October 17, 2023! From fundamentals to modeling and validation, this course is designed to support the geotechnical engineer’s understanding of structural geology in mining. Learn more

Format: 15-week online course with virtual live sessions

Slope Performance Monitoring

Slope performance monitoring, system design, and data analysis, including case studies of slope monitoring challenges. Learn more

Format: 15-week online course with virtual live sessions

Water in Mine Operations and Slope Stability

Controlling water in mining operations and improving geotechnical slope stability, including case studies of water management challenges. Learn more

Format: 15-week online course with virtual live sessions

Radar Monitoring

Learn about various kinds of radar and their capabilities, as well as how to interpret data. Learn more

Format: 14-week online course with virtual live sessions

Geotechnical Center of Excellence Course Calendar 2023

Economic Geology

Ore Deposits Mapping

Learn how mapping is used to understand mineral zoning, time-space relations, and fundamental phase equilibria in this advanced field course.

Format: 10-day field course

Structural Geology for Exploration and Mine Geologists

Learn how structural geology impacts mineral production, development, and exploration​​​.

Format: lecture, laboratory, and field course

Porphyry Deposits

Learn about lithologic, structural, and geochemical characteristics of porphyry deposit types and how mineral exploration geology can influence aspects of mining.

Format: lecture, laboratory, and field course

Health and Safety

Incident Command, Escape & Rescue Workshop

This short course focuses on emergency preparedness training for miners to improve resilience and support self-escape knowledge.

Format: 8-hour in-person workshop

Mining Institute for Supervisor Leadership

This leadership institute provides mentorship in a mining-specific setting. It covers hazards recognition and mitigation, law and policy, miner physical and mental health, soft skills, and more.

Format: 3-day workshop, online or in-person

Sharing Critical Controls Workshop

This course shares information on how to prevent MUEs (Material Unwanted Events). Tutorials on critical controls are presented.

Format: half-day workshop, online or in-person

Serious Games Training Workshop

Teaches trainers how to employ computer-based serious games for training miners on topics like workplace examinations, hazard recognition and elimination, and miner competency.

Format: half-day in-person workshop

Higher Level Training Clinic

Participants learn how to train miners through applying established theories of adult learning like competency-based instruction, active learning, assessment development, and engagement strategies.

Format: 3-day workshop in-person

Instructional Design Certificate Program

Trains students to become instructional design leaders as it applies to miner training using a systematic and reflective process to translate learning theory into usable tools and lessons.

Format: Three 13-week courses online

Mine Planning

Integrated Planning Series

Courses designed to remove communication barriers and improve collaboration among geologists, mining engineers, and metallurgists. Each course introduces the fundamentals and role of one profession - geologists, engineers, and metallurgists in the mining industry.

Format: series of 3 short courses that can be booked separately


Introduction to Legal Systems 

A high level overview of basic legal terms and concepts for those without prior legal training. Provides the vocabulary of law necessary to understand core legal concepts that will serve as valuable building blocks for other mining-related law PD.

Format: open-enrollment, self-paced 

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The Global Mining Law program provides training to both lawyers and non-lawyers, including certificate courses for those involved in mining-related work like executives, lawyers, managers, engineers, and government officials.

Participation in courses of the Global Mining Law Program requires enrollment as a non-degree seeking student. 

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Coming soon:

  • ​Introduction to the International Mining Industry
    Overview of the technical, financial, environmental, social, legal, and policy issues related to the global minerals industry.
  • Law of the Use of Public Land Resources
    Examines the laws governing grazing rights, wildlife (including hunting and fishing), recreational use, oil and gas, water and Native American rights.
  • U.S. Public Lands and Mining Law
    ​​​​​​E​xamining the acquisition, disposal, and management of the public lands of the United States. Emphasis is placed on mineral land laws and laws related to mineral exploration and development of mineral resources.

Indigenous Peoples

Native Know-How Seminar

This course teaches how to partner with native nations from a native perspective. It fosters cultural and government understanding.

Format: online or in-person

Rebuilding Native Nations Courses

This course explores challenges facing native nations. Learn how native nations are reclaiming their affairs.

Format: online

Indigenous Governance

The indigenous governance program provides professional development in a variety of ways including Master's programs, graduate certificates, and continuing education.

Format: multiple formats

Indigenous Governance Professional Certificate

This continuing education certificate focuses on indigenous governance, economics, leadership, and community development.

Format: in-person

Project Management

Advanced Project Management Concepts

Discuss the agile transformation of your workspace through exploring Scrum and practicing the tools that will enable participants to create a more agile workspace.

Format: live online, and in-person

Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Prep

Courses for introduction to project management and PMP exam preparation to prepare students to successfully manage large and complex projects.

Format: in person and online


Business Analytics

Focused on using data to solve problems through data visualization, SQL, data modeling, Tableau, and metric-making.

Format: online

High Impact Leadership Program

The Program creates a unique environment where you can share insights with peers from diverse business sectors. Our faculty will challenge what you think you know about effective management and provide you with actionable techniques to enhance your professional performance and increase your company’s agility in the marketplace. You’ll take away real-world strategies to implement at work.

Format: delivered live and online with interactive faculty

Transdisciplinary Environmental Science for Society (TESS)

Communication Strategies for Collaborative Research

This course, taught by UArizona faculty, helps to close the gap between scientific research and societal needs

Format: 4-week online course

Practicing Collaborative Research

Learn to plan a project and execute a project with collaborators to reach a shared goal. Designed for interactions between non-researchers and researchers.

Format: 4-week online course

Fundamentals of Transdisciplinary Research

Transdisciplinary approaches to solving real-world problem through scientific research and evaluation

Format: 4-week online course


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